Here are the 5 best Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus cases you can buy right now

So you were finally able to get your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S9. With its gorgeous sleek design, it is definitely a marvel to look at. Which is why it might be a good idea to invest in a case that could give your phone the superior protection it deserves.

In comparison to the S8, the Galaxy S9 now has a faster processor and with an impressive camera combined. Along with its enhanced features, the phone’s structural design also had to face some changes. In order to accommodate those changes, the phone has also become more fragile.

Below is a list of the best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S9 out on the market today. Have a look and see which case best fits you and your phone:

Maxboost Perfect Fit series

The Maxboost Perfect Fit series offers super slim cases for your phone. It won’t do a ton if you drop your phone from distance, but focuses more on scratch and bump protection. Sometimes its the smallest drops that can do the most damage, so protect your phone before its too late!

VRS Design Transparent Crystal Thin Cover

If you want a little more protection, check out the Transparent Crystal Thin Cover from VRS Design. We’ve covered VRS Design’s cases in the past and can vouch for their quality. This case offers a nice bit of bulk on the sides of the device without making it feel huge and a lip to protect that gorgeous screen. At under $15, you can’t beat the price.

Caseology Skyfall Series

Caseology is one of the biggest names in device accessories for a reason: they’re awesome. The cases it produces are always high quality and provide a ton of protection. The story is no different here with the Skyfall series. The transparent back and tinted sides look absolutely great while offering some protection against falls and bumps. Caseology’s smart design makes this case a no-brainer.

Spigen Liquid Air

Spigen is my personal favorite case maker and the Liquid Air lineup is my favorite case from the company. In in my option, the case provides the perfect amount of protection without adding too much bulk to a device. I also love the design on the back of the device. While I’d rather not cover up my phone in the first place, at least with a case like this it can still look good while being protected.

i-Blason Rugged Clear series

If you want series coverage without dropping some serious coin, the i-Blason Rugged Clear series might be for you. It covers the entire phone in a two-piece design. The case is enhanced at the corners so dropping the device doesn’t automatically end up in an insurance claim. The case also has a screen protector built in so you can save on purchasing a screen protector too!

And there you have it, a roundup of the best phone cases for the Galaxy S9. These cases do not only promise durability but also the best options for usability and personal style.