How to Make Calls Anonymously

One of the hottest topics in the mobile space revolves around privacy and how it can be achieved. As an increasing number of hackers and government organizations are able to collect data on mobile phone users, many people are starting to use countermeasures to prevent tracking and mass surveillance from taking place. One way in which users are able to increase their privacy is to make their contact information anonymous, especially when making calls. As a result, this article discusses the different ways in which users can make their calls anonymous so that any people interested in tracking the calls will have a difficult time doing so.


On the Android device, it is extremely easy to hide the contact number when making a call as users can use a built-in feature to make their caller ID unknown to the receiver. To do this, users first need to go into their phone app, then the settings option in the top right corner, scroll down and select “More settings”, and then “Show my caller ID”. From there, users can either choose to show number or hide number where hiding the number means that the person receiving the call will not see the number of the caller. Using this built-in method, many Android users are able to hide their number quickly and easily.

For those who do not have this feature on their device such as with older models, a third party app can be utilized to achieve the same function. With this, users need to download Hide My Number |Hide Caller Id (Android) which makes it extremely simple to hide the user’s phone number. All that is required is for users to switch a tab that either shows the phone number or hides it to the person receiving it. With this, users do not have to navigate to the setting screen each time they want to reveal or hide their number, making it extremely practical for those who wish to toggle the settings depending on who they are contacting.

If Android users do not want to hide their number completely but instead show a decoy number that is not their true caller ID, Hushed (Android) is an app that can be used to do so which is mentioned below. Through the app, users get a second number which can be used to send secure messages, disappearing messages, and even make calls that does not reveal their true caller ID.


For iOS users, built in settings can also be used to hide the caller ID by first accessing the Settings app, scrolling down and selecting the Phone section, and then clicking Show My Caller ID. In this screen users can decide whether the phone hides the caller ID when making calls or to keep it. Once this is activated, whenever a user makes a call, the receiver will always get an Unknown Caller ID display so that they will not know who the call is originating from.

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Alternatively, instead of making it so that the receiver of the calls receive an Unknown Caller ID, users can use Hushed – 2nd Phone Number (iOS) to not hide their number, but get a second number that is not their real phone number. With this, users can give this phone number out when they do not want to give their real phone number and even make calls with this to hide their true contact information. Beyond this, users can send disappearing messages and even encrypt their chats with this second number for the greatest degree of privacy. As an all-in-one tool, users can call, message, and protect their identity and content of the communication seamlessly with the Hushed app.

For those who are interested in making their calls anonymously either for privacy concerns or so that the receiver does not know who is making the call, the methods and tools outlined in this article are able to make it possible to do so. From apps that hide the number quickly to built-in settings that perform the same function, these methods can increase the degree of privacy that users achieve when making phone calls from their mobile device.